The Shadow Work® Coaching Model

The Shadow Work® model draws heavily from Voice Dialogue, the creation of Hal and Sidra Stone, which views each person as being made up of several different “selves”.

Our sense of self is actually the sum total of many different “parts” that make up the whole of the personality. For example, there is a part of me that enjoys sports and a part of me that enjoys reading books. There is a part of me that will argue and fight and a part of me that seeks peace and tranquility.

Shadow Work® Coaching explores the participant's various “selves” or parts for the purposes of resolving problems and creating greater inner peace and harmony.

As implied in Gandhi’s notion of being the change you seek in the world, Shadow Work® coaching works from the inside out to create change. The process facilitates internal shifts that impact how we perceive, approach and resolve the problems and challenges we face.

The coaching process begins with a very simple question, “What do you want to have happen?” From this initial question, an entire process unfolds to ensure the participant's goal is reached.

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What is Shadow Work® Coaching

Shadow Work® coaching is a dynamic, interactive, experiential method of helping individuals work through the problems and challenges of life. Jung’s concept of the shadow - the parts of ourselves we repress, deny, or disown - is the basis for this transformative approach. (Click here for additional information regarding the shadow)

Drawing from the book, King Warrior Lover Magician, Shadow Work® expands on Robert Moore and Douglas Gillette’s conceptualization of these archetypal energies to create a four dimensional map of the mind. This 4-quadrant model helps to frame our understanding of human psycho-spiritual functioning as well as the processes designed to help individuals achieve desired outcomes. (Click here for additional information regarding archetypes)

Core Values

Shadow Work® is rooted in various core values:

The creation a safe, non shaming space where individuals can feel safe connecting to and revealing all parts of themselves- the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Consent- The direction taken throughout the course of a coaching session is determined by the content received from the participant. The participant’s choice to stop or redirect a process is honored as well as the depth and extent to which he/she is willing to explore an issue or an aspect of themselves.

Shadow Work® coaches are required to receive Shadow Work® coaching as a requirement to receive and maintain their certification.

 Russell V. Richard, LCSW