Our lives are a series of experiences and every experience is an opportunity-

     *for awareness

     *for healing and growth

     *to evolve into your best self

     *in the quest for success, fulfillment and

      inner peace

     *for discovery

     *to become more fully alive in your life


The greatest discovery of my generation is that human beings can alter their lives by altering their attitudes of mind.         

                                           William James (1842-1910)

Always remember that at a certain height there are no clouds. If there are clouds in your life, its because your soul has not soared high enough...soar above the clouds where the sky is forever clear.

                                                                      Mark Fisher


Every problem asks a question

Every question is an answer trying to reveal itself

Every answer is an action seeking expression

Every action is a way of life seeking to be born

                                         Michael Bernard Beckwith


transforming personal awareness into success-oriented action

 Russell V. Richard, LCSW

Not everyone qualifies for a mental health diagnosis but we all function psychologically. The presence of a mental health diagnosis is not a necessity should one desire treatment from a mental health professional. We know intuitively when dis-ease is present in our lives.


Life is an extraordinary undertaking and we have all been scarred or wounded in some way. Many times those wounds and scars result in diagnosable conditions. Most of the time they do not but often result in less than optimal functioning and less than desired joy, inner peace and harmony.


When a difficult life event or trauma is truly resolved, it becomes part of our life story and can be recalled without distress. At the farthest end of the healing spectrum we are able to source the gifts and lessons in these experiences and, yes, look upon them with gratitude and thankfulness. Therein lies the payoff in what can be a challenging journey. Certainly this is a perspective that only comes after much inner work; nonetheless, a payoff well worth the effort.


Mental health intervention has focused primarily on healing and the relief of suffering. Pain is a powerful motivator and frequently the pain of our lived experience often compels us to seek help. When pain is alleviated, often little motivation for continued intervention remains. This is perhaps why so little attention is given to the ability to utilize psychotherapeutic services for the purposes of continued growth, self-enhancement and self-mastery.


Healing and relief from suffering are important and desired outcomes of intervention. Though growth comes through this healing process, ever increasing levels of effectiveness, expansion, joy, peace, harmony and well being are available to us if we chose to walk that path. Choose to create the best life you can. Bring healing to the parts of yourself in need of healing and allow yourself to experience the joy of living to your fullest potential.